Bird Control

Philadelphia Bird Control: Pigeons, Sparrows, & Starlings can be a big problem in commercial warehouses. Each year millions of dollars are spent to clean the environment because of these pest birds. Signage is ruined, buildings are damaged and all due to bird infestation.

Action Bird Control eliminates infestation problems in the following structures:

• Educational Facilities

• Commercial & Industrial

• Hospitals & Nursing Homes

• Government & Military Buildings

• Construction

• Retail Space

• Food Industry

• Manufacturing Plants

• Distribution Center

Mist Netting:
Action Termite and Pest Control of Toms River, Philadelphia, will supply a Mist Net which is specifically for the capture of Sparrows, Pigeons and Starlings. The net has a border cord threaded around the perimeter and a loop at each corner. There are also two horizontal cords used to form the pouches running across the net.

All cords have a loop at each end for ease of installation. The mist net for Pigeons and Starlings measures approximately 8ft x 40ft.

When pest birds fly into a mist net, they almost never hit the net at a 90 degree angle and get caught. They usually hit it at a far greater angle and lose air speed almost immediately. They tumble down the net and into the pouches where they remain until removed. The mist net must also not be tight, but rather quite loose.

Mist nets are only for use in catching pest birds. Where multiple birds are in a facility, some will be caught but other will see this happen, recognize it as an area of danger and avoid that area. In facilities where steel roof joists are exposed, it may be necessary to block these temporarily to force birds to divert their flight path to go under them and hence into the mist net.

Bird Baiting:
Baiting is used as a chemical frightening agent to remove pest birds from a given location. Birds eating the treated bait will be affected in a manner that will artificially cause them to emit distress and alarm cries and visual displays used by their species. This will frighten the flock and cause them to leave the site.

Bird Droppings are a Major Source of Disease!

Birds are host to ticks, fleas, and other pests that pass disease on to humans. Birds are also know to transmit over 60 different diseases. Their droppings are also a major disease source.

Protecting your home or office from these bird pests is paramount to having a healthy environment.

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